Community and Art shared, where to spread your art!!

This is my first blog article here and for a start I wanted to list to you all of the most famous CG platforms, resources website for artists to display your work, and develop your network on the numerous web CG communities I have encountered, used, visited, been member of; you too may want to find, join, be in to develop and spread the word about your own art, shared others or just would like to discover as art lover or inspiration sources.

It won't be a chart of the best and the worst, quality, quantity or else. I have my preferences for sure, some are reachable and convenient for yourself some are less reachable, really selective but really worth looking at, etc… It will just give you some indications as to whether it could best meet with what you are looking for depending on your level of skills, type of art, expectations and stuff.
I won’t get into the details regarding specific software 2D or 3D as well, as I think it could be another long list too.

The list below is of course non-exhaustive and will be updated if need be. It would quickly help you find the majors, and make you exist through all of them, just like I did for me.
This is important to be in some of them, not all of course but select them wisely, find good connections, resources, get featured, get rewarded, develop your networks, find help and give help in return.

General mainstream art, probably the biggest art shared communities:
-    DeviantArt:
     Categories: almost whatever could be found in art
-    Behance:
    Categories: fashion, industrial design, typography, branding, digital art, toy design, advertising, art, architecture and more were added as categories.
-    Shadowness:

Entertainment Community (2D-3D Art and VFX), forums, showcase, challenges, tutorials and CG jobs
- CGSociety:
- CG Channel:
- CG Arena:
- It’s Art Mag:
- 3D Total:
- Splashnology (formerly Increatable):
- ColoredCG:
- 3DVF: (French platform)
- Evermotion:
- CGhub: Down unfortunately but maybe will come back soon.

Magazines 2D and 3D communities, forums, tutorials, showcase and jobs
- Imagine FX: (Fantasy & Sci-Fi Digital art Community, tutorials, jobs)
- Imagine Publishing UK: (2D Digital art mainly around Photoshop)
                               (3D artists community)
- 3D World: (3D artists community)

Art Showcase and portfolio service 
Artstation: (Operated by Ballistic)
DrawCrowd: (Feng Zu Design project)

To finish, I think that if you want to be in the CG community, then you need to BE ACTIVE in it.